SSD Block Storage

The future of cloud computing is speed and reliabilty that scales. Launch all your SSD Orbits within seconds.


Cloud computing just became futuristic. All Orbits come with software defined SSD Block Storage and powerful controls that scale resources to fit any deployment. Level up with System On Grid and see what you can build.

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Create Your Orbit in Under 45 Seconds

Get started by setting up your SSD Orbit from your dashboard. It's fast, easy and takes only seconds.

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Grow and Scale your Orbits With Volumes

Orbits are flexible and scalable, so you spend less time worrying about storage and more time building the things that inspire you.

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Deploy Multiple Orbits in One Cloud Ecosystem

Build a single orbit or grow a whole universe in the cloud. System On Grid has you covered when it comes to scaling up or down and deploying multiple Orbits.

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Easily Pause your Orbits Anytime

SmartSync lets you pause or restart your Orbits anytime without losing data and without paying extra.


SSD Block Storage

SSD Block Storage is already built into every Orbit launched with System On Grid. In Fact, you can seamlessly add volumes of SSD Storage to any orbit, anytime.

Need more Block Storage? Contact our support team to see how we can help you grow.

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Block Storage Standard

Deploy better with SSD Block Storage as the standard for every Orbit launched with System On Grid.

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Secure And Safe

Never worry about your data's saftey. Keep your Orbits secure by backing up your data at any time using the LockBox Backup button.

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Scale Up or Down Anytime

Quickly manage your Orbits volume size by attaching or removing storage anytime.

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SSD Storage

Full SSD Storage means you can easily grow the space you need when you need it, without increasing resources.

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Designed To Be Environmental Neutral

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Choose From Mulitple Hardware and Software Components Quickly

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Deploy Multiple Orbits in One Cloud Ecosystem

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System Environment Neutral By Design

Designed for innovation, System On Grid is built lean and environmentally neutral. Whatever hardware, software, application or language, you can get back to launching apps and deploying great ideas without being put in a box.

Innovation Matters, Manage Smarter

Don't Pay, When Paused.

Pay as you go. Pause your Orbit to avoid charges.

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