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How to Clone a Volume


One of the great features of our system is the ability to clone your volumes. It’s a simple process which can be done with just a few clicks.


  • There are no major prerequisites required to clone a volume other than having an existing volume. If the source volume is mounted to an Orbit, regardless if it is a root volume or a secondary volume, the Orbit requires to be in Paused status.

Cloning a Volume

  1. To clone a volume, first navigate to the “My Volumes” tab.

    My Volumes

  2. Once there, you can name your volume that you want the clone to be. Aside from naming your volume, you need to specify what size you wish for it to be. Once you hit “Clone” it, the system will create a new volume from the source volume you selected and it will be ready to use once it’s done creating.

    Volume Clone

What can I do with the Clone Feature

  1. There’s multiple things that you can do with the cloning feature. For example:

    • You can make full backups of your data

    • If the source volume is a root volume, you can create another Orbit with all the existing configurations from the first one

    • You can mount the cloned volume to another Orbit as a secondary volume