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How to Create a PTR Record


This guide will help you verify your orbit’s domain name by creating a PTR record.


  • Running Orbit

Viewing PTR Records

  1. First select the ‘DNS’ option from the navigation bar.

    PTR Bar

  2. Once there, you will see a list of current PTR Records that you already have and you will be allowed to create more as well.

    PTR Screen

Creating PTR Records

  1. Now while you are on the same page, we be able to create a record as well.

    PTR Creation

  2. First input the domain name that you own. Do not include ‘www’.

    PTR Domain

  3. From the dropdown, select the Orbit that you want to attach to the record.

    PTR Orbit

  4. Once you have all the data entered and you select ‘Create’ your PTR record will be displayed in the list like the image below.

    PTR List

Verifying your PTR Records

  1. From the PTR Record list select the record you just created and press ‘Verify’. It should look like the following.
    We will be copying the text record hash from the details page, which we will enter as a text record with your DNS provider.

    PTR Details

  2. We will be using Cloudflare as an example to verify your PTR Record. Login to your Cloudflare account and select the ‘DNS’ icon from the navigation bar.

    PTR Cloudflare Bar

  3. Once there, in the dropdown bar next to the ‘Name’ input box, select the ‘TXT’ option.
    Next fill in the ‘Name’ input box with the name of the domain.

    PTR Cloudflare DNS

  4. Click the box next to it and a window should pop up where you can paste the hash key that was generated. The input field should look like the image below.

    PTR Cloudflare TXT

  5. Once you have double checked that everything is ok, you can press ‘Add Record’.

  6. Now we must go back to the PTR Record dashboard on SystemOnGrid and go to our list of PTR Records. Select the ‘Verify’ button and you should see the following.

    PTR Details

  7. Once again, select the ‘Verify’ button and it should successfully verify the record. Once verified, the PTR Record will light up green like the image below. That means that everything was verified successfully.

    PTR Success

    Note: It may take from 5 mins to 24 hrs for verification to finally succeed due to the time it takes to update DNS records.