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How to Create your First SystemOnGrid Orbit

Table Of Contents

    ## Table of Contents

    – [Introduction](#introduction
    – [Prerequisites](#prerequisites
    – [Create an Orbit](#create-an-orbit
    – [Conclusion](#conclusion

    ## Introduction

    [SystemOnGrid]( is a intuitive cloud platform & infrastructure service for developers, teams and companies. In SystemOnGrid developers can create their own virtual machines, they can add and adjust volumes for more power and manage everything from a simple, easy to use dashboard.

    ## Prerequisites

    You should have [signed up with SystemOnGrid](

    ## Create an Orbit

    [Login to the SystemOnGrid]( control panel with your username and given password.


    When you enter into the system on grid dashboard,you can see a green button at the right corner as Create Orbit.


    Select create orbit. Then the interface looks like this.


    After creating an orbit, select your operating system. For suppose, if you want to select Ubuntu, then click on Ubuntu and select a version of Ubuntu, CPU & RAM.
    Then it looks like this.


    ### CPU and RAM:


    Next, select SSD block storage and authentication can be done in two ways. Such as SSH key and Password.


    If you select the SSH key then it looks like this.


    If you have an SSH key then select it in the dropdown list. Or else add it by clicking on Add New SSH Key.

    When you click on Add New SSH Key then the interface looks like this.


    Enter the name of your SSH key and public key in the given order. Next, click on the Create button. Otherwise, if you don’t require SSH key you can create orbit through password also.

    If you click on the password then it asks you to give it a password
    And to confirm password.


    After confirmation of the password. Enter your Hostname.


    After entering your Hostname, click on the create button.Then your orbit will be created.

    ## Conclusion

    Therefore SystemOnGrid Orbit is created and ready to use.