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How to Get Root Access


For best security practices, our Orbits do not allow you to log in using the root user. Due to this you need to get root access another way and this guide will show you how.


  • There are no major prerequisites required to create a volume. You will only be required to have an existing volume if you wish to clone and an orbit if you wish to attach your volume to said orbit.

SSH into Orbit

  1. SSH into your Orbit by running.

    ssh image@address
    • IP Address: We got this from the detail page, in this case it is “”

    • Image: We got this from the source image in the details page. It should be one of the following: ubuntu, debian, fedora, centos

    • Note: A full command for this example would be: “ssh ubuntu@”

Using the Root Account

  1. Run this command to get root access

    sudo su

    Sudo Su

Setting the Password

  1. If you are continuing from the previous step you should already have root access but if not, run the following to get access.

    sudo su

    Sudo Supas

  2. Run the following command to set a password for the root account.

    passwd root

    Passwd Root

  3. After setting up the password, you should be good to go. All thats left is to enable the login.

Configuring Root Login

  1. Now that you have a root user we need to enable login. We can do that by editing a config file. Run “vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config” and edit “PermitRootLogin” to say “Yes”

    Note: To edit in VIM, move the blinker to the spot that you want to change. Press “i” and you can begin editing the text and once done press “ESC”. To save the file press “:” and write “wq” then press “Enter”. Your changes should be saved

    SSH Config

  2. Now for the changes to take effect, you need to restart your daemon. Run the following command “systemctl restart sshd”. Once that is done, run “systemctl status sshd” and it should say “running” in green


  3. Now you can logout from your SSH and log back in with the root user and password you set.

    Note: You only need to modify the file and restart the service (Step 1 and 2 if PermitRootLogin is not already set to “yes”