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How to Mine Monero


One of the many cryptocurrencies available is Monero and this guide will teach you how to mine them with our orbits.


  • Orbit Running Ubuntu

Generating a Wallet

  1. There are many ways to generate your own wallet but the simplest is by using an online wallet from MyMonero.

  2. First select Create an Account from the main page.

    Monero Create

  3. You will be redirected to a page that has a private key at the bottom. This private key is how you can access your wallet so if you lose the key then you lose the wallet itself. Make sure you write it down in a safe location and once you are ready, copy it into the input box and press Log Me In.

    Monero Private Key

  4. Now that you are logged in you will be at your wallet’s dashboard you can see your wallet’s address. You will need to keep this handy because we will be using it for the next step.

    Monero Dashboard

Configuring your CPU Miner

  1. To start CPU mining we need to install some packages and download the miner itself. We can start by installing the following:

    sudo apt-get install git libcurl4-openssl-dev build-essential libjansson-dev autotools-dev automake
  2. Once installed we then need to get the miner itself

    git clone
  3. Lastly before we can begin mining we need to run a few commands. You can copy them below and paste them into the terminal all in one go. The terminal will then run each command line by line.

    cd cpuminer-multi
    CFLAGS='-march=native' ./configure
  4. Once everything finishes we can start mining with our server

Starting your Miner

  1. To actually start your miner, you only need to run the following in the directory that you were working in the previous section:

    sudo ./minerd -a cryptonight -o MININGPOOL -u WALLET_ADDRESS_HERE -p x -t THREADS

    You need to replace the following areas with your own information as shown below:

    MININGPOOL - Mining Pool that you will be mining from. Example: stratum+tcp://
    WALLET - Wallet Address that you got from the MyMonero website. Example: 44HnY4bDzdUivhim7NHJ5UgCoKtJWgsQWem1GxJnqfAgB9F6TKHwKoJMapTVkmwegoieirc2Dss151bZ3GemcrghCHgBD15
    THREADS - Number of CPU threads you will be using. Example: 3

    After replacing everything a full example command should look like the following

    sudo ./minerd -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp:// -u 44HnY4bDzdUivhim7NHJ5UgCoKtJWgsQWem1GxJnqfAgB9F6TKHwKoJMapTVkmwegoieirc2Dss151bZ3GemcrghCHgBD15 -p x -t 3

    Monero Miner