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How to Rebuild a Orbit


If you ever have an issue with your Orbit, you can easily rebuild it to a new state without losing your IP.


  • Running or Paused Orbit

Rebuilding your Orbit

  1. First select the REBUILD option from the Orbit details bar, shown below.

    Rebuild Menu

  2. After you open the rebuild section, you can only change the image and authentication method of your rebuilt Orbit.

    Rebuild Options

  3. Once you press Rebuild, your Orbit will be rebuilt in a clean state with the same IP address as you had before.

    Note: All attached volumes have been removed and will need to be reattached

Removing Old Fingerprints

  • Linux

    After a rebuild, your Orbit’s fingerprint will change. Due to this, you may be required to remove the old fingerprint from their side. You can do this by running the following.

    ssh-keygen -R HOSTNAME
  • Windows – PuTTY

    On Windows, the location is completely different for the SSH Keys. You need to open your registry editor and navigate to:


    Replace username with the name of the user thats currently logged in. After you have reached that path, you can either delete all the keys (not recommended or the relevant key.