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How to Reset your Orbit Password


If you ever forget your password or lose your SSH key, don’t worry. We have a very easy way to reset the default user’s password. For example, if your system is an ubuntu system, we can reset the password for the username ubuntu.


  • Running Orbit

    Note that if you create a Orbit with an SSH key, you can reset the password but the SSH key will still exist in the system. Also, all the existing user’s credentials will not be reset in the system except for the default user.

Resetting your Password

  1. To reset your password, first navigate to the ‘My Orbits’ tab.

    My Orbits

  2. Once there, select your Orbit that you wish to reset and go to the ‘More’ section.

    More Options

  3. Now, type in your new password and retype it in the confirmation box. Press ‘Reset Password’ and you should be able to login to your Orbit to reset it with a permanent password.

    Reset Password

  4. After a password reset, your Orbit’s fingerprint will change. Due to this, you may be required to remove the old fingerprint from their side. You can do this by running the following.

    ssh-keygen -R HOSTNAME

    HOSTNAME: IP of your previous server