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How to Use WordPress One-Click Application on SystemOnGrid

Table Of Contents

    ## Table of Contents

    – [Introduction](#introduction
    – [Prerequisites](#prerequisites
    – [How to Use WordPress One Click Application on SystemOnGrid](#how-to-use-wordpress-one-click-application-on-systemongrid
    – [Create a Photon](#create-a-photon
    – [Install WordPress](#install-wordpress
    – [Conclusion](#conclusion

    ## Introduction

    [WordPress]( is a free and open-source Content Management System (CMS. It was designed to manage blogs. It is the most popular website management system with serving more than 60 million websites as of 2018. It allows you to develop a website and manage your content without coding. It can also be used to develop an operational website.

    WordPress is a theme based platform which provides you with free and premium themes that can be integrated easily without any programming and designing language. It has a fantastic feature called plugins which can be used to add required modules and extend its functionality. It is multilingual and allows you to translate content in your language.

    [SystemOnGrid]( has developed [WordPress one-click application]( for users to install this fantastic website management system easily. It automatically installs WordPress with its additional security software. It also automates database and firewall, reducing the time to develop a customized website.

    ## Prerequisites

    You must have [signed up with SystemOnGrid](

    ## How to Use WordPress One-Click Application on SystemOnGrid

    ## Create a Photon

    [Log into SystemOnGrid]( using your credentials.


    After successfully logging into SystemOnGrid, you will be directed to your dashboard with the menu bar that looks like the following. Click on the ‘Photons’ in the menu bar.


    Photons are Orbits that come pre-installed with popular applications.

    Then, you will get a few CMS applications. Select WordPress among them.


    Then, you will get a few options related to CPU & RAM, SSD Block Storage, and Authentication method. Select one in each category as per your requirement and give a Hostname.

    If you have selected SSH Key authentication method, you need to add your new SSH key.


    Click on ‘Add New SSH Key’ to get the below screen. Name your SSH key, Paste your public key in the respective fields and click on ‘Create’.


    If you have selected the Password authentication method, you need to enter a password and confirm the password.


    Then, select the number of Orbits that you need and click on ‘Create’.


    ## Install WordPress

    Now, a photon will be created with your hostname. Click on the ‘Main’ option in the menu bar of your photon.


    Copy your Photon’s IP address run it on the terminal using the following command.

    $ ssh root@your_IP_address

    Then, you will be asked for the confirmation. Type ‘yes’ and hit ENTER.




    Copy the URL highlighted in the screenshot, http://your_IP_address and run it on your web browser.

    Then, you will be directed to the WordPress admin page. Select a language of your choice and click on ‘Continue’.


    Then, you will see WordPress welcome screen with some required fields, site title, username, password, your email and search engine visibility. Fill them with the appropriate details and click on ‘Install WordPress’.


    Then, you will get a screen with the success board with your username and your chosen password.


    ## Conclusion

    You have successfully installed WordPress using SystemOnGrid’s WordPress one-click application.