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Setting up a Root Password


When you connect to an Orbit through SSH, it does not automatically connect with a root account. Due to this you need to get root access another way and this guide will show you how along with setting up a password for the account.


  • Running Orbit

SSH into Orbit

  1. First navigate to the “My Orbits” tab.

    My Orbits

  2. Once there, click on the Orbit you want to connect to and check for three things:

    • IP Address

    • Running Status

    • Source Image(Ubuntu, Debian, Centos, Fedora

    Orbit Details

  3. Once you have confirmed that your Orbit is running and you have the other information. Open up your console.

  4. Now you can SSH into your Orbit by running.

    ssh image@address
    • IP Address: We got this from the detail page, in this case it is “”

    • Image: We got this from the source image in the details page. It should be one of the following: ubuntu, debian, fedora, centos

    • Note: A full command for this example would be: “ssh ubuntu@”

  5. Now log into the Orbit and you should see a screen like this.

    SSH Login

Setting the Password

  1. Run the following command and you will have root access.

    sudo su

    Sudo Supas

  2. Run the following command to set a password for the root account.

    passwd root

    Passwd Root

  3. After setting up the password, you should be good to go.