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We are redefining internet by converging cloud infrastructure by merging Orbits (VPS – Virtual Private Servers) with Web Hosting which provides dedicated and scalable resources, security, isolation, and automation backed by very high reliability and 99.99% uptime guarantee.

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System On Grid provides the latest state of the art features with high
automation and availability.

Compute Orbits@1x

Compute VPS

Our Orbits come with different specs and different flavors like CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Free BSD, Net BSD etc. providing a lot of flexibility. The backend uses Intel E-5 processors, KVM hypervisor and Openstack. With Openstack, the management features are..

Block Storage

SSD Block Storage

All Orbits use SSD block storage for root partition with sizes ranging from 20 GB to 1 TB. Compared to local storage, the block storage provides minimal downtime (under 15 mins) in case of a hardware failure. The backend storage system with 3X replications ensures a 100% protection from hardware failures. This replication does not rely on raid controller cards which are …


Snapshots and Backups

Even though block storage has inherent advantages over local storage, but it can only protect the user from hardware failure, like the server, raid controller or the hard drives. It still cannot predict the circumstances or events leading to software failures resulting in data corruption. Hence we have provided users with the features …

Pre Instaled App 1


Photons as the name suggested are applications that can be installed in Orbits at a lightning speeds. Welcome to the next generation of pre-installed or one-click Apps where the orbits are not kept pre-installed with these applications. Instead Quantum allows you to install the Apps in a Linux Flavor of your choice. In future we will also be introducing … 

Security and Accessibility


Security is at the core of our decision and architecture philosophy. We provide multiple security features to mitigate identity theft with the help of 2-factor authentication. Our Orbits come with firewall features that allows you to create firewall rules. Our Network team does 24×7 surveillance to detect and mitigate any DDoS … 


Performance Graphs

Our Orbits come with different specs and different flavors like CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Free BSD, Net BSD etc. providing a lot of flexibility. The backend uses Intel E-5 processors, KVM hypervisor and Openstack. With Openstack, the management features are … 

IP Subnetting

Private Networking

Create orbits with multiple VNIC (Virtual Network Interface Card), vnic1 assigned with public IP and vnic2 with private IP. We are the only provider with the technology to allow upto 5 independent VNICs per Orbit, with each having both private and public IPs. Private IP can be used to setup clustering services or simply as your own private subnet …

Floating IP

Floating IP

Every Orbit by default comes with 2 VNICs (Virtual Network Interface Card). VNIC1 has public IP and VNIC2 has a private IP. VNIC2 can additionally be assigned a floating IP which is a Public IP. Floating IPs can be assigned to any VNIC2 of any of your Orbit on demand. Floating IP also gives you the advantage …



Our REST based API allows to automate all of your tasks and integrate the functionality directly into your applications. The API supports JSON requests and replies and is easily accessible and usable. On top of the API, Quantum allows you to scheduled tasks in individual …

Load Balancer

Load Balancer

Our loadbalancer is capable of IP/TCP/HTTP and HTTPs based load balancing. The load balancer supports multiple features and load balancing algorithms and is capable of SSL offloading. It can do monitoring based on IP, TCP using port connect and HTTP or HTTPs using HTTP codes. The monitoring features provides some very …



Now register a new domain directly from our dashboard and create DNS records. Alternatively you can point NS records in your domain registrar to our DNS records and get free SSL certificates. With Quantum access and edit your DNS records on the fly, create subdomains and make the DNS management very easy …

Authentication and Control

Web Hosting

Use one of the many photons available to quickly host your website and using the software stack of your choice. On the top you get Quantum for free, which includes a tool kits that can get your website going. Because every Photon is installed in a dedicated VPS, you can deep dive and tweak things under the hood. Use the code editor …

API Access

SSL Certificates

We provide free letsencrypt SSL certificates to all our customers. The SSL certificates can be used with our Orbits, Photons and with the Load Balancer. The letsencrypt certificates are absolutely free and the certificate issuance and certificate upload is completely hassle free, made possible by our Quantum … 

Chat Support

Customer Support

We are and we will always be a Customer first company. We strive every day in and day out to provide that our customers get the best support. We currently provide both chat based and email based support which is not only about our website and dashboard and all the features we support, but we also support our customers with their projects. We do offer managed services to all our customers, where we maintain your Orbits for you that include executing any tasks, doing patch installation, regular maintenance and backup … 


Quantam Dashboard

You can now experience a revolution in web dashboards. Introducing Quantum a next gen intuitive dashboard that does all the heavy lifting for you. From Installing a Photon, creating a DNS record, adding a new user, scheduling a task in one or more orbits, or editing code on the fly Quantum is limitless. Quantum is an ever evolving modular dashboard ….

Architecture Diagram

Our Design

The Architecture

Our Software stack uses Openstack in the backend with KVM hypervisor. The hardware is based on Intel E-5 processors. Our Orbits Memory is 100% DRAM and does not rely on SWAP partition based on either SSDs or NVMe Disks. Hence whatever RAM you get in the Orbit is 100% pure DRAM. The Block storage is currently provided by Ceph but in future we plan


Intuitive Dashboard

Launch and setup multiple Virtual Private Servers through our intuitive user dashboard. Choose from our many distro’s and one-click applications

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Quantam panel

Take Full Control

Manage every aspect of your VPS with our feature-rich Quantum Panel. Fine-grain control from file system operations to live resource metrics, process management and much more.

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1000+ customers cannot be wrong

System On Grid has been adopted by 1000+ customers and every single day new individuals, code shops, design studios, startups and corporate companies are signing up. We are proud to be trusted by so many great people and we hope you will trust us too. But to get started with and break the ice, take this demo challenge or do the walkthrough dare and get $5.00 on us.