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What is an Orbit?

An Orbit is SOG’s nomenclature for an VPS or Virtual Private Server. The only difference, rather benefit that an Orbit has over a typical VPS is that it provides the Root Partition as Block Storage. This gives SOG a greater advantage when it comes to flexibility and features as compared to other VPS providers. Click here to learn more on all the benefits you get with Block Storage.

What distros do you offer?

Currently we offer Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Gentoo, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD. We are constantly looking to add more distros, if you want one that you don’t see listed, be sure to lets us know via Twitter or reach out to us from the contact form on the bottom on this page.

Do you charge even though I paused my Orbit?

We do not charge if the Orbit is paused or shutdown. We calculate the bill only when the Orbit is running. We do charge for the storage as long as the volume exists. We stop charging the volume the moment you delete it.

What if my payment gets rejected?

Our system sends a notification to the email address on record, a month before the credit card’s expiry date. If the payment request fails, we send notification via email to the registered account, notifying the status of payment. A notification popup will also be displayed in the web dashboard. In such a scenario we give the user a 1 month grace period to provide us with a new payment method. During this initial 1 month, preexisting resources will continue to function normally and without any disruptions, but the user will not be able to create any new resources. If the

How is the pricing calculated?

All our resources are billed by the hour. However if the cost of hourly utilization of a resource exceeds the monthly rate, then we only bill you the monthly rate. The monthly rate allows you to run the resource for a maximum of 744 hours(31 days) but charged based on hourly rate for 480 hours(20 days). For example if you chose a 1 VCPU & 1 GB RAM orbit, the hourly price is 0.01$ and the monthly price is $4.50. If this orbit is running for 480 hours then the cost incurred is $4.80 but the monthly bill will reflect

How does billing work?

We check for the utilization of your paid resources every 24 hours. Depending on your utilization, the money due will be charged against the Credits available on your account. If you can predict your utilization, you can purchase enough credits in advance. If the bill calculated based on your utilization in the past 24 hours exceeds the amount of credits available on your account, the account will be considered delinquent and is immediately due for payment. We will process the difference to make your account current and send you a notification. You can now add more credits to your account.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Paypal. We currently support the following cards: Visa Master Card American Express Discover Diners Club JCB We will be also providing ACH bank transfers in near future.

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