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SOG is a cloud technology
company that evolves the
way developers use the

Building the future, together

We’re dedicated to making it easy for developers to scale innovative ideas and get back to building amazing things. We’re a passionate crew, who share a future-forward vision of cloud technology. We’re evolving cloud infrastructure for developers, businesses and innovators everywhere.

Our Story

A decade ago cloud hosting was still relatively small, but we saw a big opportunity to improve the way cloud infrastructure existed. We believed we could not only offer top industry performance but also support the flexibility needed to adopt new technologies as they arrive. We understood that innovation isn’t static it’s dynamic and futuristic. Like many great explorers, we set off to build a new way to approach collective computing, we named it Grid computing.


In January 2017, System On Grid was officially born and set off on it’s maiden voyage into the future. Now, we’re on a mission to build a simple, future-forward cloud service that helps developers get back to developing. Our focus continues to push the boundaries of the known cloud, and we’re just getting started.

What We Believe

We see innovation as constant improvement. We’ve built SOG to grow fluidly at the pace of technology. New users who launch orbits with us can be confident knowing we’re dedicated to delivering a reliable and affordable cloud experience.


Built For Everyone

A Better Cloud Experience
Made For Everyone.

We believe collective learning and sharing can push ideas into new directions. We created a company that brings like minded people together. Our users are developers, innovators, coders and engineers but also people who believe there’s more to cloud computing than just virtual computing resources. We’re constantly thinking forward and adapting the latest technologies to change the way we see use cloud.


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