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System on Grid Linux Hosting


Fast, Easy & Developer Friendly Linux Hosting


Linux is an open-source operating system created to introduce safety and security to the website hosted by web hosting providers. Linux works on different source codes that can be used, modified and redistributed freely in both commercial and non-commercial capacities. A cPanel is available on all Linux-based hosting plans, such as Linux Shared, Reseller, VPS and Linux Dedicated Servers. Web Host Manager is also available on Linux Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Servers.


Linux operating contains some features which are very important for a website owner to manage their website. So, when you are planning to host a webpage on the internet, favor Linux based hosting from System on Grid. We ensure better stability and security to the website at an affordable price.


Linux hosting is a shared hosting which is highly compatible with PHP and MySQL, and support scripts such as WordPress, Zen Cart, and phpBB. All other types of OS are designed to work correctly with these codes, but Linux is specifically designed to work with these data types. If a website uses ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server files, then Linux web hosting offers them higher performance SSD infrastructure, better stability, security and ease of use other than any other operating platform.


In general, Linux hosting is affordable than other hosting types. This is because the web hosting service provider does not have to pay a licensing fee for using Linux as their hosting server’s operating system. Therefore, Linux based web hosting is relatively less priced than other hosting types. Overall, you will have a completely secure and functional website hosting based on Linux OS with variable developer tools and techniques. We work competitively to bring one solution for all of your web hosting needs.

System on Grid Windows Hosting


Advanced Window Hosting Built for Everyone


As such Linux, Windows is also a well-known operating system that offers a scalable platform for hosting your website’s domain. One of the fundamental differences between Linux and Windows is the operating system. Windows hosting utilize the Windows operating system to provide a fine-tuned, fast and ready to use hosting service for all website hosting providers.


Windows hosting is known to be a robust, scalable and reliable web hosting platform for businesses. Features of Windows-driven hosting solution is provided below


Microsoft SQL Server Hosting: Windows Web Hosting creates better scope for big businesses to sustain their websites. It is reliable, safe and a perfect addition to supporting the back-end of the site. Microsoft SQL is dedicated to Windows. It shows the maximum characteristics of the operating system, which guarantees better stability of the database in the server 24/7.


Microsoft ASP. NET Site Support: Windows Web Hosting use specific Microsoft application such as Active Server Pages. ASP dynamically creates web pages that can help give your business websites the best possible presentation and performance level. This is a highly robust and flexible framework that provides websites users with a variety of interactive page choice and services to surpass the standard benchmark.


Microsoft Access is hosting: This type of Microsoft is hosting almost the same as SQL. MS Access is used with The Official Microsoft ASP. NET websites. Integration of MS Access is best for implementing small changes. It helps in making any temporary or permanent changes to the layout, outlook and several others components of web hosting on windows operating the system. Users can take benefit of Microsoft Access hosting, as it is ultimately a desktop based application and not an SQL server.


Others – Windows hosting provides the user with unlimited benefits over other web hosting platforms — unlimited domains, email, disk space, 99.9% uptime, fully equipped cPanel, MySql, PHP, Perl, Python, free domain name and many more. In case you are planning to create a website, windows hosting will show you how reliable a web host can be.


System On Grid WordPress Hosting


Optimized Hosting for WordPress Sites


Whenever you think about launching a new website or a blog, you need to implement a content management system that can optimize the site well. In this situation, hosting a website on WordPress can be fruitful. WordPress is an application that manages, publish and add style to the content on the web. WordPress is written in the various programming language called PHP, PHP scripts in amalgamation with traditional languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to increase the accessibility of the content and web page. WordPress requires an Apache web server to answer any request from a web browser, a database to store information and Linux based operating system to run smoothly on any server.


WordPress hosting is the most crucial aspect of website hosting. Any server with the components discussed above is capable of hosting a WordPress site. We develop this hosting service for WordPress sites and help site developers in making an informed decision. Your website search engine performance, user experience and ultimately your website success depends entirely on web hosting in WordPress. When you think about having a dedicated hosting in the server for a WordPress site, feel free to ask for our hosting plans.


System On Grid Cloud Hosting


Fast and Scalable Hosting Solution for Cloud Servers


Cloud Hosting is an alternative to traditional dedicated server hosting where an additional resource is required to build and manage own data center. This is an infrastructure as a service cloud delivery model that provides a virtual space in the server to host its application, services, and data. It is enabled through virtual hardware network, storage and composite solutions instead of an actual tangible thing. In simple words, Cloud hosting can be defined as a network of virtual servers that comes under the underlying layer of the physical server.


In a typical server configuration, the website is limited to specific features and functionalities listed in the web hosting platform. With cloud hosting, users can take advantage of different features from multiple servers available in the cloud-based network. This results in an affordable hosting solution that is scalable and incredibly reliable. You can remain assured about the performance and speed, as there is no physical server to access data. Users can access information from the cloud-based network. In addition to that, Cloud hosting provides you with excellent security and stability as like any other web hosting. At System on Grid, we offer a cloud-based infrastructure to manage all data and ensure the better success of your website on the internet.


System On Grid Web Hosting Services


Secure Web Hosting for a Purpose


Are you looking for creative ideas and innovative solution to boost your website? Want to get your website on a cloud platform? Get in touch with us. We are experts in providing the domain of your dreams for the business, organization and non-profit groups. Experience unlimited disk space, lightning fast servers, unlimited bandwidth 99.9% uptime and even more with our web hosting services.


Web hosting is no longer an unknown subject. Several organizations and individuals can post on websites or web pages on the internet with a web hosting service. A web hosting service provider will be there to handle different technological attributes needed for websites to be viewed on the internet. After, the site will have a physical space on the server to store web contents, images, videos, and other necessary information that builds a website.  


The Web hosting service provider takes responsibilities and maintains your site to run smoothly. This is crucial in the growing competition, as a customer’s negative experience can create a serious impact on your business and sales. So, you will always need to hire a professional web hosting team to assist you round-the-clock.


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