Windows Hosting

As such Linux, Windows is also a well-known operating system that offers a scalable platform for hosting your website’s domain. One of the fundamental differences between Linux and Windows is the operating system. Windows hosting utilize the Windows operating system to provide a fine-tuned, fast and ready to use hosting service for all website hosting providers.

Windows hosting is known to be a robust, scalable and reliable web hosting platform for businesses. Features of Windows-driven hosting solution is provided below

Microsoft SQL Server Hosting

Microsoft SQL Server Hosting: Windows Web Hosting creates better scope for big businesses to sustain their websites. It is reliable, safe and a perfect addition to supporting the back-end of the site. Microsoft SQL is dedicated to Windows. It shows the maximum characteristics of the operating system, which guarantees better stability of the database in the server 24/7.

Microsoft ASP.NET

Microsoft ASP. NET Site Support: Windows Web Hosting use specific Microsoft application such as Active Server Pages. ASP dynamically creates web pages that can help give your business websites the best possible presentation and performance level. This is a highly robust and flexible framework that provides websites users with a variety of interactive page choice and services to surpass the standard benchmark.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is hosting: This type of Microsoft is hosting almost the same as SQL. MS Access is used with The Official Microsoft ASP. NET websites. Integration of MS Access is best for implementing small changes. It helps in making any temporary or permanent changes to the layout, outlook and several others components of web hosting on windows operating the system. Users can take benefit of Microsoft Access hosting, as it is ultimately a desktop based application and not an SQL server.

Others – Windows hosting provides the user with unlimited benefits over other web hosting platforms — unlimited domains, email, disk space, 99.9% uptime, fully equipped cPanel, MySql, PHP, Perl, Python, free domain name and many more. In case you are planning to create a website, windows hosting will show you how reliable a web host can be.

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