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How to Create a Partition on OpenBSD


With our API system, you can control your resources without accessing the dashboard directly.


  • Verified Account

Creating an API Key

  1. To first create an API Key, we need to navigate to the ‘My Account’ section of your dashboard.

    API Bar

  2. Once you are in your My Accounts page, on the sidebar select API Keys.

    API Button

  3. You will see an empty list which is where all your API keys will be located. To create a new one, click the Create button.

    API Empty List

  4. Enter a name for you API Key and press Create.

    API Create

  5. Once created, your key will be shown in the API Key list. Select the name to view the key

    API Created

  6. When you select the key name it will display the key like the image below.

    API Key

Using your API Key

  1. To use your key, navigate to System on Grid API. Once on that page you can search for actions you wish to perform and it will provide you with details as well as examples.