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How to Use SSH keys with SystemOnGrid Orbits

Table Of Contents

    ## Table of Contents

    – [Introduction](#introduction
    – [Prerequisites](#prerequisites
    – [How to Use SSH keys with SystemOnGrid orbits](#how-to-use-ssh-keys-with-systemongrid-orbits
    – [Conclusion](#conclusion

    ## Introduction

    SSH is an acronym for Secure Shell. Secure Shell (SSH is a cryptographic network protocol, and it is responsible for encrypting the information between a user and the remote machine. It allows users to perform secure network services.

    It uses SSH keys to log into a server so that you can get a more secure way of logging in. Generally, hackers use brute force attack to crack passwords. But, it is almost impossible to decipher the SSH keys by using the brute force attack. So, you can connect to your server without entering your password. Moreover, it is even more secure.

    Secure Shell (SSH is wholly based on public key cryptography. For your easy understanding, let’s just say SSH keys come in a pair. One is a private key and the other one is a public key. The private key is stored securely to the home machine of a user. The public key is stored securely to any remote machine that user wishes to connect. You can use the public key on any server, but it can be unlocked by connecting to a user who already has the private key. The machine will be unlocked only when the two keys matched. You can also increase the security much more by protecting the private key with a passphrase.

    ## Prerequisites

    You should have generated the SSH key

    ## How to Use SSH keys with SystemOnGrid orbits

    You can use your SSH public keys to [SystemOnGrid]( account by adding your keys to orbits. It’s secure to use your SSH public key because it cannot be reused to create the private key. It can only be used to authenticate the user that who has the respective private key.

    As soon as you enter into the SystemOnGrid dashboard, select Create Orbit.
    Then the interface looks like this.


    After creating an orbit, you have to choose your operating system. For example, if you want to choose Ubuntu, then click on Ubuntu and then select a version, CPU & RAM.

    Then the interface looks like this.


    After that, you have to select SSD block storage and then authentication can be done in two ways through

    ## SSH key
    ## Password

    If you select through SSH key then the interface looks like this.


    If you already have an SSH key then you can select it in the dropdown list. Otherwise, you have to add it by clicking on Add New SSH Key.

    If you click on Add New SSH key then the Interface looks like this.


    Then enter the name of your SSH key and your public key in respective fields. Then click on the Create button.

    ## Conclusion
    In this we have described that how to use SSH keys with System On Grid orbits.